Are you feeling disconnected from your partner?
Have you been arguing more lately?
Are you longing for “the good old days” when your relationship felt effortless and fun?

Couples Communication Bootcamp

A 3 day relationship bootcamp for couples to reconnect, communicate better, and reignite the spark! 

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You’re here to fall deeper in love with your partner and to learn ways to stop the arguing. Only problem feel like you’ve tried “everything” and you’re still stuck. 

Have you ever wondered why you have arguments where you feel you NEED to win...only to realize later the whole thing was stupid and unnecessary?

Do you ever wish you could have a deeper connection and feel more in love without the busyness of life keeping your conversations limited to “Hey, can you take out the trash?”

Doesn’t it seem like there must be a way to bicker less and enjoy your relationship more? 

But if you’re like most couples we talk to... 
  • You seem to have the same arguments over and over.
  • You want the romance back.
  • ​You wish you knew how to tell your partner your deepest needs and wants.
  • ​You feel like you never have the time to enjoy each other’s company.
And if you’re being really honest, between work, the kids, the house, and all your other responsibilities, your relationship just isn’t what it used to be. Where you used to feel love and excitement, you now just feel like talking to your partner is one more task to check off your
 to-do list!
We totally get it.
There’s just so much going on in the world right now, it can be hard to keep your relationship front and center. So many of us are left wondering, “do I even matter to my partner anymore?” Will our relationship ever improve? Can we learn to choose each other every single day?”
The answer is YES. You can find a way back to each other. 
We’re Brandon and Meghan Giegling, and once upon a time, we stopped talking about the stuff that mattered...until one day in 2012 when Meghan asked for a divorce. You see, we were both too scared to say what we needed from the other. We didn’t know how to communicate effectively. Resentment set in and the romance went out the door. We grew apart little by little, until Meghan announced there was nothing to save. 

Thankfully, through a new commitment to communication, date nights, and plenty of tears, we saved our relationship. And even if you aren’t on the fast-track to divorce like we were, your relationship can improve too.

How'd we do it? 

We finally nailed down our Relationship Roadmap--and we want to share this life-changing tool with you in this 3-day bootcamp!

Here’s the truth, friend: Building (or rebuilding!) a great relationship takes throwing out your old way of communication and building a new and better one--TOGETHER. 

It’s not that you don’t love each other anymore. It’s just that as time has gone by, your relationship has taken a back burner to...well, life. When you talk, it’s to coordinate paying bills, not to deepen your connection. When you do somehow find the time to go on a date, you just talk about the kids. When an argument pops up, you think to yourself, “Oh, here we go AGAIN,” and go into defense mode.

Want to know the secret behind finally getting rid of those automatic relationship thoughts and habits that are hurting you and your partner?

We’ve had a total transformation in our own relationship using the strategies we’re going to show you. When we stopped allowing our relationship to be on autopilot, when we learned to speak up for what we needed, and when we created and stuck to our Relationship Roadmap, over time, we went from the brink of divorce to happily married.

And you can learn to strengthen your connection too! You don’t have to feel like you and your partner are stuck in a rut forever. When you create your own Relationship Roadmap during this bootcamp, you will be on your way to reigniting the spark you once had and having productive conversations about the things that actually matter to you.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to give you.

So let’s do this.

The Couples Communication 

A 3 day relationship bootcamp for couples to reconnect, communicate better, and reignite the spark! 

Bootcamp dates: January 5th-January 7th

What’s inside the bootcamp?

The Couples Communication Bootcamp is a 3 day relationship bootcamp for couples to reconnect, communicate better, and reignite the spark! 

This is the exact same system we’ve used to rebuild our marriage and experience our best years together yet!

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:


On this day, we’ll focus on the four styles of communication. You'll uncover your primary style and your partner will uncover theirs. You will unlock the reasons you've been struggling to have clear, open, and productive conversations so that you can start on the road to better communication.


On this day, we’ll be concentrating on building a "roadmap" for your relationship. You will decide to leave your old communication style in the dust and move forward with brand new rules of the road. Together, you and your partner will design your roadmap--focusing on rules that will keep you connected during your convos.

Day 3: TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT (what you really, really want!)

On this day, we will put those newly-created relationship roadmaps to good use. You'll finish the day not only confident in how to ask for what you need in your relationship, but also able to do it in ways that support the communication rules you've agreed upon. 

Full Access to the Private Facebook group for Support and Accountability ($397 Value)

Consider this your hub for the bootcamp. This is where you can connect with other couples, get direct feedback from us, and watch any trainings you missed live.

PLUS over $1500 of additional bonuses, including… 

Bonus #1 Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access to The Trainings

 ($997 Value) 

Each of our training sessions will be uploaded to the private Facebook group, so you can revisit them whenever you need.

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Bonus #2 Bootcamp Resources

Fun Conversation Starters

($47 Value)

Wanna laugh a little and maybe learn something new about your partner? Us too! We’re giving you a Bonus PDF to jumpstart your convos.

Get This For FREE When You Claim Your Ticket To The Bootcamp Today!

Bonus #3 Bootcamp Resources

Spicy Date Night Ideas

($47 Value)

You might find yourself wondering what to do on date night. Fear not! We’ve got you covered--whether you want a date night in or a little time away from home!

Get This For FREE When You Claim Your Ticket To The Bootcamp Today!

Bonus #4 Actionable Templates

Bonus #4 Actionable Templates

Love Note Templates

($97 Value)

Communication doesn’t always need to be spoken. Written words can also deepen your connection. So we figured we’d help you get going with some fill-in-the-blank templates to show you how easy and quick it can be to show you care.

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Bonus #5 Actionable Templates

Bonus #4 Actionable Templates

Printable Love Coupons

($47 Value)

These love coupons are the perfect and fun way to show some love to your partner. 

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Bonus #6 Masterclass

Bonus #4 Actionable Templates

 “How to Have a Next Level Relationship”

($347 Value)

In this masterclass (which we'll teach live on Friday, January 8th), we’ll share our framework for a next level relationship. While communication is a great starting point, there’s so much more to having the relationship you’ve always dreamed of! Get ready, because this masterclass will truly take your relationship to the next level!

Get This For FREE When You Claim Your Ticket To The Bootcamp Today!

Get The Step-By-Step Training To Grow Your Relationship For Just $27! 

When you sign up for the Couples Communication Bootcamp, you'll get... 

  • 3 days of live training including building your own relationship roadmap to enhance your communication and connection ($597 Value)
  • ​Full Access to the Private Facebook group so that you can connect with other couples, get direct feedback from us, and watch any trainings you missed live ($397 Value)
  • ​BONUS: Lifetime Access to the training recordings so you can revisit whenever you need to dive back in ($997 Value) 
  • ​Fun Conversation Starters so you can go beyond the usual “how was your day?" ($47 Value)
  • ​Spicy Date Night Ideas so you can truly have fun together ($47 Value)
  • Love Note Templates so you can show your partner you’re thinking of them ($97 Value)
  • Printable Love Coupons are the perfect and fun  way to show your partner some love ($47 Value)
  • Bonus Masterclass:  “How to Have a Next Level Relationship”  ($347 Value)

Snag over $2,500 in value… 
… FOR JUST $27

Here Is Our '5x Guarantee'

Yes, we 100% guarantee that you will love this bootcamp. 

If after the end of Day 1 you feel like you haven't gotten at least 5X the value of your investment ($135 worth of value), we will happily refund your investment in full.

Email us at by 8:59am EST on Day 2 for a full refund. 

Sound fair?

Have a burning question? Here’s what’s come up for other bootcampers

 Does the $27 cover BOTH of us?

YES!! You do NOT need to both register and pay separately. Just pay the $27 once and then get cozy at the computer screen during the bootcamp.

 My partner doesn't want to do this. Is this for me?

This bootcamp is designed for couples looking to improve communication in their relationship. While it's definitely ideal for both partners to participate, we believe you'll take away valuable info and tools even flying solo. And your significant other can always watch the replays! ;)

  Where is this bootcamp happening?

It's all going down inside our pop-up Facebook group!

  We're busy! How much time does this take?

Trainings will be one hour each day, and you'll have a tiny bit of homework to post in the FB group too. The trainings are Tuesday-Thursday, with a bonus masterclass on Friday that you won't wanna miss!

  Will we be able to ask Brandon and Meghan questions?

For sure, friend! The trainings will all be hosted LIVE so you can ask Brandon and Meghan all your pressing questions and get direct answers then and there. You will also have access to the private Facebook Group where you will be able to get feedback from Brandon and Meghan. 

  What if we can’t make it live? 

Don’t worry about it! Your ticket comes with lifetime access to the call recordings, so you can watch whenever is best for you. 

However, we'll be answering questions live, so we HIGHLY recommend you show up and make the time! If you don’t prioritize your relationship now, when will you? 

  Are you therapists?

No, we are not licensed professionals. We ARE truly passionate about marriage and relationships and believe we have the tools to help your relationship become stronger. 

If you are struggling with serious issues in your relationship, we strongly recommend you seek professional advice. Help and resources are just a click or call away. 

Hi, We're Brandon + Meghan — Your Bootcamp Coaches

For the past eight years, we've been busy--rebuilding our relationship from the ground up. 

We started dating in 2003, got married in 2008, and were headed for divorce by 2012. Thankfully, we crawled, clawed, and fought our way back to relationship health and happiness. 

In 2019, we started The Fools in Love Podcast as a podcast to help others in their personal growth journeys and in their relationships. But along the way, we noticed something interesting: our relationship episodes consistently had the most downloads. And we thought to ourselves: couples clearly want to build better, stronger relationships. Wouldn't it be cool if we could help them do just that in an environment where we'd be able to interact with them in real time? Where we could build community with other couples who want to feel happier and more fulfilled in their relationships? So we developed this bootcamp to do exactly that. 

We're so excited to get to know you!
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